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CareerTrails has a track record of success enabling individuals to identify the type of work they’re best suited to pursue.

The name stems from the image of a ski hill. Is the time right to challenge yourself and try the double black diamond or do circumstances make it better to follow the easy, green route that uses the skills already developed?

Our mission is to empower people to follow the career trails they are most equipped to take. It is our belief that in doing so, everyone benefits - individuals find fulfillment in their work, organizations have productive, happy employees and the economy is fuelled by new, creative enterprises.

Barbara Kofman CHRL, CMF

Barbara Kofman CHRP, CMF

Selective Accomplishments:

  • Played pivotal role in ongoing high potential leadership program at University of Toronto including program design, candidate identification, 360 feedback administration and coaching, organization and facilitation of developmental workshops.
  • Developed and led leadership seminars on a variety of models in the field.
  • Created a simple coaching framework and facilitated skills building sessions for new leaders.
  • Received positive feedback from high potential leadership program participants regarding the role one-on-one coaching has played.
  • Coached leaders at all levels to address areas for development and leverage strengths bringing about observable positive change.
  • Envisioned, designed, and implemented the first ever career management curriculum for the School of Continuing Studies, University of Toronto. Nominated for Excellence in Teaching Award.
  • Taught career and self-management programs at Humber College, School of Applied Technology.

Sample of Presentations, Workshops and Webinars: 

  • Attracting and Retaining Generations in the Workplace 
  • Career Management for New Professionals
  • Coaching Conversations for New Managers 
  • Finding Career/Life Equilibrium 
  • Goal Setting
  • Hiring Right the First Time 
  • MBTI and Learning Styles
  • Succession Development for Leaders 
  • Work Search in Tough Economic Times

“Barb's uncanny ability as a coach to ask razor-sharp questions played a critical role in enhancing my confidence.”

“Barbara Kofman offers a high quality, highly relevant perspective, well organized and dynamically presented.”

“Barb is an excellent speaker, engaging, considerate, focused, entertaining.”

“I’ve worked with 4 different career counsellors, whether through my schooling or as part of a government job assistance process and CareerTrails was the best by far, the most understanding and helpful, while also having the most up-to-date information when it comes to resume writing styles and job hunting skills.”

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