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As well as a broad base of one-on-one clients, CareerTrails regularly does work with the University of Toronto, has been a Vendor of Record for the Ontario Public Service, and has worked with Ryerson, Centennial, CPPIB and other clients in the financial, manufacturing and consulting sectors.

One-on-One Coaching

“5 out of 5 for were excellent. The best thing was that you are so warm, helpful and open. You really helped me and I benefited so much because you were so available and open to helping me with everything.”

– Romy F.


“I especially appreciated that you went beyond the original parameters; you responded to questions and requests that I brought to our sessions; you provided me with extra information. In addition, I value your patience and your encouragement. Your help and guidance have been extremely valuable to me in my ongoing search; you have given me a framework and a focus that I could not establish on my own.”

– Jasna M.


“I really wondered what was going to come of me... You saved me! I can not thank you enough.”

– Scott C.


“I really, really appreciated this experience...Your ability to listen, ask strategic questions and reminding me of what the purpose of our time together was -- it was amazing.”

– Jessa


“You have had a positive impact on so many people at U of T and I am one of them.  I have learned a great deal about developing others from watching you.  Thank you for the great work that you do.”

– Christina


“I met someone who works at UofT...You had facilitated a strategic planning session and she was raving about you, saying how awesome you were and how fantastic the session was! I thought you would appreciate hearing about what a star you are at UofT!!!”

– Sue N.


“The biggest strength of the CareerTrails approach is the adaptability of the program.  On top of the work we did to identify my strengths and weaknesses you recognized what approach would be best for me, which pieces I would struggle with, and where I would need encouragement. The six months we worked together taught me more about myself and the kinds of work environments I perform the best in than I learned in the preceding five years of self-lead analysis.  A thousand thank-yous!”

– Matt L.


Coaching clients 1-on-1 UofT

“I just wanted to update you with what has recently happened.  I applied for and was offered a new position...I put your teachings to use, in how to prepare my cover letter and resume, and I am certain they were instrumental in getting me an interview.  Once in the interview, I was able to answer their questions and of course I had questions prepared to ask them... The rest is history.  About a week or so later, I was offered the position and I signed the Letter of Offer last Thursday. I truly believe my time spent with you made all the difference.  Many thanks and I hope you are well.”

– Marcella B.


“I value the time we have spent together these past 6 months. Your help in identifying my values, naming my accomplishments ...has contributed to my clearer vision for the future, and for certain, has made a positive impact on my life.”

– Michelle P.


Courses, teaching

“I  want to let you know that I enjoyed your class and found it... informative, actually it showed me that I need more information about myself. Thank you for giving me the tools to find this out. Thank you for your patience and help. You have been very supportive and the experience has been great. Most of all, thank you for helping us take our next step towards our careers.  I look forward to keeping in touch and sharing my success.”

– Andrea


“Thank you so much for the insightful information you have given me. You have been very helpful.”

– Sarah


“Thank you very much! You did an excellent job! the best teacher ever!”

– Sunjay


“I have to be honest and tell you that this is a great class, I really learned a lot. Thanks for everything.”

– Diego (Humber College)


“Excellent presenter and style of presentation, very well delivered. Presenter Barb Kofman offers a high quality, highly relevant perspective, well organized and dynamically presented. Barb is an excellent speaker, engaging, considerate, focused, entertaining.”

– Feb 21.08 Mentor Career Coach with Barb Kofman



“Many years ago you helped me with some career counselling. You had guided me in the direction of education, and I am in my 7th year of teaching primary immersion!  Looking back, I owe a lot of my current success to you and I apologize for not letting you know sooner. Thank you again.”

– Mark Choquette 


“I wanted to express my gratitude for your help in my career search. As I'm sure you hear often, the search is quite harrowing, you often feel you have little control; you gave me the tools to gain a degree of control.  These tools will...come in handy throughout my career so thank for teaching me. What I'm doing is essentially what I've always wanted to do, to feel my work is making a tangible difference to people's lives so thanks for helping me get here.”

– Anne W.


“Tomorrow will be my first day as a consultant for a public relations agency and I'm very excited to get started there. I think it's an ideal was extremely useful in helping me understand my career strengths and articulating them through my re-branding exercise, so that when I met with the president for the third (!!!) interview I was able to position my recent (albeit sparse) freelance opportunities within the context of a communications consultant role. More importantly, our session helped my own overall perspective in understanding where I was professionally. And so for that I thank you.”

– Alex D.


“Of course you know YOU ARE THE BEST!”

– Elisa M.


“Over the past year I’ve worked with 4 different career counsellors, whether through my schooling or as part of a government job assistance process and CareerTrails was the best by far. The most understanding and helpful, while also having the most up-to-date information when it comes to resume writing styles and job hunting skills.”

– Matt Dupuis


David W. via voicemail: “Hey Barb, this is DW calling. Listen I don’t know if I ever called to say thank you after meeting with my daughter Laura. If didn’t I’ve been remiss. I know she benefited tremendously from the time spent with you. I think there’s a bit of unfinished business in terms of you being able to help her still but I think that’s between you and her and she has to reach out to you and take that initiative.  I also wanted you to know that there should never ever be any hesitation in terms of helping the sons or daughters of friends. You’re such a class act and add such value that no one could ever see anything but good in the help you provide… Again, I wanted to just call and say thanks so much.”

Your counsel truly gave me the confidence to wait for what I really wanted.  This job truly is my 'hearts desire' and I just know my life is going to be changed by this experience.  Thank you so much, I learned so much from you, you are an amazing career coach, but what I am so touched by is your kindness and care - you have a heart & passion for your clients.  Thank you so much for that. I so needed the support, the vision and the confidence you gave to me.  Thank you so much. 

3 months later: Thank you again, for your guidance, care, encouragement & support during those difficult months, we I couldn't see the forest for the trees - I am in just the right place doing the most perfect job for me.  My job is so wonderful it does not feel like a job, but a calling - that if I could - I would do it for free!  Thank you.

and again: I am so happy at [my job], it is a perfect fit in every way for me.  I have referred you so many times to friends that find themselves at a career crossroad as I did when I met you.  I am not sure that people realize the extraordinary value in your skill at ‘repackaging’ and getting oneself ready to be in today’s job market.  So many think it is easy and after years of not finding work, only then they realize. You helped me so much and I will always be so grateful.  Thanks again Barbara .”

– Dianne H.


“I would like to thank you again for all your help in my career guidance and on my interviews. I am pleased to tell you that I was made an offer on Monday (which I accepted) and I started on Tuesday so I have been very busy this week. This is a great career move with a very good company. There is a massive learning curve which is exciting and challenging at the same time. I would not hesitate to recommend you to someone looking for Career Guidance.”

– Dave Greenfield


“I really appreciated our time together. I have learned a lot and had many things reconfirmed which is also good.  I have gained awareness about new skills in the job search process which I will share with others.  I think the timing of the mock interview was good as it gave me a confidence boost.  The hardest part in all of this is having the patience to let it evolve and to find the right fit.  This isn't the job I thought I would have but I can see that it promises to have a lot of elements of what I believe I am good at and what I enjoy doing. In many ways you were a form of sanity for me.  Other people don't always understand what you are feeling or going through when you lose your job and you can only talk about it so much with family and friends before they say "enough already".  So thanks for that too!”

– Karen M.


“You are extremely easy to talk to and I felt like you really cared about helping me.”

– K Willans


“Barb, your services could not have come at a better time.  You gave me the focus I needed with the right mix of tools and resource time with you.  Your coaching and feedback was a definite plus to my job search. Thank you.”

– Diamond 


“I think the guidance and expertise you provided was very useful. I also found our discussions helpful in lowering my stress level in terms of wondering if I was approaching my job search in the proper manner – it was great to get the positive feedback.”

– Laura T.


“I especially appreciated that you went somewhat beyond the original parameters outlined in our agreement.  You responded to the questions and requests that I brought to our sessions, such as broadcast letters, promotion pieces and other items.  You provided me with extra information on a variety of items such as weighing an offer, online resources and samples of possible avenues I could pursue.  In addition to that I value your patience and your encouragement to move beyond the established patterns of my personality and problem solving style. Your help and guidance have been extremely valuable to me in my ongoing search in as much as you have given me a framework and a focus that I could not establish on my own.  I feel that I still have far to go before I am where I want to be, but you have shown me that choosing one path does not exclude other interests and other options. Excellent focus, valuable service and a pleasant environment.  What more could a client ask?”

– Jasna M.


“It’s been a while, hope you are doing well.  Just a quick note to update you about what I've been doing.  It's funny but all the looking at other careers somehow made me appreciate the one I already have.  I am now in business for myself and really enjoying it.  My business is growing gradually, and I've made a lot of efforts in marketing that are starting to pay off.  I am much more organized and productive these days, but it's not enough for me.  I am on a mission to master this whole time-management thing and am always making improvements.  All the work we have done on goal-setting and planning has really stuck with me, and more and more I am making this a priority.”

– Conor K.


Organizational Feedback

Barbara has designed and conducted workshops and done coaching at a range of  organizations, educational institutions, individual groups and associations. Feedback has consistently been extremely positive.


“We have been extremely pleased with your work and [the participants] are still talking about your training and what a wonderful learning experience they had.”



“Lots of insights that I can immediately put to use”
“Great Presentation, Practical”
“Very professional, Knowledgeable”
“Has a wealth of experience to draw upon”
“Great speaker! It was all excellent”
“Thank you very much for an inspirational session”
“We would love to have her come back”



“Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and advice with us...I believe I speak for everyone in the class when I say that you provided us with tremendous tips that will not only help us secure a job today, but will also be invaluable in the future as our careers develop.”

– Lisa M.

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