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What is it that makes for a successful coaching experience?  How can you tell if the person you are working with has the right approach for you?  These questions led to the development of CareerTrails' unique approach to career coaching, one that enables the design of individually tailored approaches that meet the specific requirements for success of each client rather than a one-size fits all program.
To achieve this outcome a preliminary face-to-face meeting is set up during which a comprehensive needs analysis is carried out. At the end of the session specific recommendations are made regarding continuing to work together to achieve the stated goals providing the foundation upon which an informed decision regarding fit can be made.

Precareering – Working through Career Confusion

For recent or soon to be grads, or young adults who have been out on the job market for a few years and are unsure of what they want to do or unhappy in their choice of a first career, this program is focussed on bringing greater clarity to career selection and developing a plan for how to get there.

Recareering – Working through Career Confusion

For the individual who has been working for a number of years, or taken a break from the workforce, and is uncertain about what career direction to pursue next, the focus is on shedding light on the right career goal for the time and providing clear direction as to how to go about reaching it. A special segment is included for individuals who are looking to take a radical change in direction, in the latter years of a career

Lost in Transition

Individuals who have gone through job loss will benefit from this one-on-one program which is aimed at giving them the competitive edge. Content is flexible, and typically agreed upon at the preliminary meeting based on a joint needs analysis.

Interview Coaching

Whether for a new career opportunity or an internal posting, get the latest information on what's happening in interviews and an opportunity to practice and enhance your job interview skills. This service is available via phone or in person.


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