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Human Resources and Career Management Consulting

What if there was a way to help everyone be successful?

Time after time surveys show that people don’t leave organizations they leave bad managers. During her career in HR she witnessed the damage done to employees and their employers by ill-equipped managers and determined she wanted to play a role in positively affecting leadership in organizations through helping grow great managers. As Barbara sees it a “bad manager” is a person who either ended up in the wrong job or never received the necessary support and training for the current one.

Discovering what steps to take to influence positive change starts with identifying a suitable career fit no matter what the original impetus is for the coaching intervention. By helping individuals experiencing work-related challenges to recognize they have choices to make around either staying and adapting or finding a better fit, she has been able to build trusted relationships with internal coaching clients while meeting organizational objectives.

Barbara has partnered with senior HR leaders to shape and implement high-potential leadership strategies in alignment with corporate culture and targeting areas of future need.  These succession development programs have had tangible positive effects on enhancing employee engagement, preparing participants to make informed choices about where they want to go in their careers and upping their leadership quotient.

As one organizational client put it: “This program made me realize that the organization cared and that there was a future for me here and I didn’t have to move on to another to go up.”

While Barbara strongly believes these kinds of initiatives should never promise upward mobility the results have been impressive with many of the participants moving on to more senior roles within a shortened time-frame.

From another: “Thanks so much for all your support, guidance, encouragement and rekindling in me the fire to want to do more. This couldn’t have been possible without all the skills from the [leadership program].”

CareerTrails has developed and delivered customized programs in such areas of Mentorship and Succession Development.

Costs vary and are based on a comprehensive needs analysis that is jointly agreed to upfront before any work is undertaken.

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